Johnny's Dev School

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Lesson overview - and a risk free start.

One month free trial - then $197 per month (ex GST) - no lock-ins ever!

Sprint 1: Getting Your Shopify Store Up & Running!

First up we need to setup your online store - and if you work hard, you should should be able to get that completed before the end of the 30 day trial! If you cancel straight after store setup, then the training will come at no cost to you - though hopefully you'll like what we do and stick around :). 

That said, in the first sprint we'll show you everything you need to get your Shopify store up & running - products added, payment processor set up, and if you're quick, all it'll cost you is time and effort!

NB: Just remember, Shopify has fees, currently around US$29 per month with a free 14 day trial.

step 1

Setup Development Store

First step is to get your Shopify account set up - we'll show you the right way to do it, and when, so you can maximise the free trial period. We'll also set up the basic theme, and home, collection, & product pages.

step 2

Add Your Products (including images)

Now it's time to add some products to your store. We'll go through how to take the best photos as well as how to get great SEO out of the box by making sure your titles and descriptions are on point.

step 3

Set Up Your Payment & Shipping

Next we're going to set up your payment processor - there are many to choose from with plusses and minuses. We'll also set up your shipping and fulfilment, so you'll be able to deliver your goods from day one.

step 4

Redirect Your Domain, and Go Live!

If you don't have a domain yet, now is the time to grab it - we'll then show you how to set up your domain in Shopify and go live. If you'd like to use a subdomain, we'll also cover that option off. Then we go live!

One month free trial - then $197 per month (ex GST) - no lock-ins ever!