Johnny's Dev School

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We Can't Work On Your Website Ourselves...

You're here because you want to get your e-commerce website up and running, and in an ideal world, you'd just hire us and we'd get it all done for you!

Sadly, while we'd love to be able to get started building out e-commerce sites for yours and other small to medium businesses, we're all on very tight non-compete agreements, and even if you were comfortable splashing out on our $2000+ daily charge-out rates, we couldn't work on your website without risking a jumbo-sized lawsuit. 

But we can show you how to get it done. :)

That said... there's nothing stopping us from whipping up some video lessons and giving you the best of everything we know on what to do and how to do it, and you getting it done yourself! (or passing it onto a staff member to get done - we don't mind).

We'll start out with the basics like setting up your store in less than 30 days. Then we'll work with you, step-by-step, building everything out until your store is best of breed - utilising cutting edge analytics, cutting edge Search Engine Optimisation, paid media such as Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising (including ever sneaky but magical retargeting techniques), and high-conversion site-design, as well as extras like personalised email-marketing.

While you'll still need to get the work done, these video lessons and coaching will save you years of painful mistakes and trial-by-error that we've had to do - you'll have a much better chance of getting it right the first time! (no guarantees if course - too many variables for that!)

My name is John Detlefs... nice to meet you!

Each and every day major Australian and international brands trust me & my team to support and build out their e-commerce implementations and strategies - often with budgets well into the hundreds of thousands, and sometimes into the millions... We hope you'll join them! (for considerably less $$)

John Detlefs

Technical Director

Currently the Technical Director at a major Australian e-commerce agency, John works closely on strategic outcomes for some of the top brands in retail & fashion, including Camilla, GUESS Australia, Petbarn, Coco Republic, 99 Bikes, Sukin Naturals, and more!

Now you've met the crew, and hopefully got a feel for the levels of expertise and insider-know-how we represent it's time to check out your lesson plan! In the next section we go through exactly what you're going to learn, your outcomes over the next 30 days & beyond, and your first glance at how the deal works (you're going to be pleasantly surprised).